Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

Darling, you are magic.

The art of Tarot revealed itself to me in the most serendipitous way. I learnt how to connect with my psychic gifts and read intuitively through a beautiful spiritual guide, taking me on the journey of discovering mysticism and magic and completely changing my life! A little like that time when Harry went to Hoggwarts… if only!

Much like the Akashic Records, everybody who reads the Tarot will do it in their own unique and individual way, what you want to make sure you intuitively check in on is their intention and personal motives with the reading. My intention is to reveal any current blocks or patterns that may be effecting your life, to bring them to the surface, acknowledge they are there, see where they came from, thank them for their lesson and move on with divine guidance and practical tips.

I pride my readings on being inspirational, compassionate and authentic, my purpose is not to predict your future or tell you what will happen in 2024… my intention is to provide much needed clarity, confidence and motivation in a challenging times!

Due to the current climate all of my readings take place online on Zoom, I record them for you to go back to as we tend to get a lot of information in an hour!

I have lots of wonderful pictures and reviews on my instagram, I have had the pleasure of reading at celebrity and influencer parties, press and product launches for brands including Lulu Lemon and Sweaty Betty and other special occasions. If you would like to hire me for an event please email me at rebeccalyons1133@gmail.com

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My New Tarot Teaching Course

Yes you heard it, news just in… I have created an 8 week online course to teach you how to intuitively and successfully read Tarot at a professional level, starting Friday May 28th 2021. I will teach you how to read each card so that you can turn to them whenever you need guidance and truly know what message they are providing, whether that message is just for you and/or your friends & family OR your regular paying clients!

I can’t fully explain how much learning Tarot has transformed my life! From helping me with so many huge decisions and saving me from making some bad choices because I was wayy too much in my head, to quitting my 9-5 full time job that I wasn’t passionate about to work for myself and be my own boss, working my own hours that I choose in the most fun and magical way possible! Meeting amazing people and seeing their eyes light up when I share the messages I receive during their reading. 

As you can see, learning how to read Tarot has radically changed my life, I have read Tarot at celebrity and influencer parties, festivals, monthly in my community The Divine Circle, live on instagram & facebook, at events and ceremonies I host or have been invited to host, in person and mainly since 2020 on Zoom in the comfort of my own home. I feel so blessed to work and make money doing what I love, this isn’t “work” for me, this is my passion. At the same time I am adding so much value, clarity and confidence to the lives of people who are receiving my readings, for someone who hated their job and had reached exhaustion from not knowing what they wanted in life, this felt like a miracle. I couldn’t go back. I love my life now! 

If you are reading this and thinking f*ck YES I resonate and I want this type of freedom, fun, flexibility and abundance in my life then come join me and some other epic souls as we dive deep into the fascinating world of Tarot, you will learn the meanings of the cards in a digestible way, practice reading on others, ask me any questions you have I am here to help you entirely over this 8 week journey. We open and close in ceremony (of course) with meditations and my top tips on reading from your heart, I will teach you psychic protection and how to set up and read with intention so that you love reading just as much as your clients do. 

I have read Tarot thousands of times and am regularly asked what is the best way to learn so I decided to offer my expert guidance on how to read for yourself and read professionally if you choose to. I was taught that if you want to confidently, intuitively and uniquely read Tarot it’s best to learn from an expert and not a book. So here I am… want to learn how to read Tarot with me? Of course you do, this is going to be so transformational!!

If you can feel that excited butterfly feeling inside your stomach right now to learn how to read Tarot yourself and can’t wait to start then check out the weekly break down below of what to expect from this incredible 8 week course teaching you how to expertly read Tarot!

Week 1 (1.5 hours) opening ceremony with guided meditation followed by what is Tarot, how to connect with your intuition, psychic protection and why it’s all about intention.
Week 2 (1.5 hours) we lead with learning the first 11 Major Arcana cards including the elements, numerology, astrology & more from the fool to the wheel of fortune.
Week 3 (2 hours) we continue with learning the last 11 Major Arcana cards from justice to the world plus practice time, which is the most fun part! Meaning you get to give & receive your first readings.
Week 4 (2 hours) next we dive into the Minor Arcana starting with the Pentacles Suit followed by a Q&A with me to ask any burning questions you have and of course practice time.
Week 5 (1.5 hours) this week we are learning the watery Cups Suit which is one of my favourites and you will soon see why followed by practice time.
Week 6 (1.5 hours) swiftly followed by learning the Wands Suit, bringing that fire energy in plus another live Q&A with me and practice time.
Week 7 (1.5 hours) finally at week 7 you have learnt all cards as we finis learning the Swords Suit, followed by practice time… this practice time you will know all the cards which is so exciting!
Week 8 (1.5 hours) our final week together in this epic course starts with a closing ceremony with guided meditation plus setting up spreads, our final Q&A to ask me everything & anything and off you go to read the art of Tarot in the most magical way possible having made new like minded friends in the process.

Why learn Tarot with me over a book or the internet?

According to Western Astrology Neptune was rising when I was born; the sign of a Fortune Teller. My North Node is Pisces; the Spiritual Guide and Teacher. I have been told through channeling sessions, the Akashic Records, Psychics, Mediums and Past Life regression that I have incredible intuition and should share this gift with those who feel the call to learn with me.

I am a Psychic and Medium who is so passionate about my gifts and using them with integrity and purpose. Having learnt the Tarot through a spiritual guide myself I know how important it is to be able to ask questions every step of the way, to have confidence in your abilities to read and to connect to higher dimensions in a safe way. Spiritual hygiene is so important and I have seen many people have the best intentions when reading but pick up dense energies when unaware of how to protect themselves.

With my hand on my heart I can tell you there is no better feeling than providing inspiration, clarity and hope to someone who has almost lost faith with your Tarot reading and spiritual guidance.

I am also launching an Akashic Records Course which will teach you how to read your own Akashic Records and read the records of others! If you are interested in both I am offering a special price for you to sign up and learn both! Check out my Akashic Records page to see what it is all about and read lots of lovely reviews 🙂 

To enquire about learning the art of Tarot through my 8 week online course please email Rebeccalyons1133@gmail.com with your name and contact details. I am also offering FREE discovery calls so that you can ask me any questions you may have before you sign up, click here to book your discovery call in! 

You will find lots of reviews about my readings, events and more on my instagram, click here to see where all the magic is saved!