Akashic Records

“Be realistic. Plan for a miracle.” Osho

Since connecting to the Akashic Records my life has completely transformed. I was introduced to them whilst on a retreat in Bali and I haven’t stopped working with them since. 

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energy field that stores everything that has ever happened to your soul including the past, present and all future potentials. These records are often referred to as the Internet of God, the Book of Life or a Library. When I was first introduced to the Akashic Records the concept blew my mind! The thought that I can tap into anything and everything that has ever happened to my soul was sensational, that seemed like the answer I was looking for.

The Akashic Records keep track of every thought, feeling, belief, event and image that has ever happened on this planet. Every single person has their own records and so do animals and the Planet itself.

I believe it is important to note that not only are the Akashic Records an infinite well of knowledge and wisdom but they’re also the connection to your soul. When you tap into your Akashic Records you receive a huge download of unconditional love because you are connecting to your Highest Self, your Ancestors, your loved ones who have passed over, your Guides and Source. These are the energies that you connect to during your reading. 

The Akashic Records are interactive in that they have a profound effect on your daily life including all of your relationships, your emotions and future realities that you are continually magnetising towards you.

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Did you know that by choosing to incarnate into this lifetime you bring certain beliefs, patterns, fears and karmic experiences with you?

Being unaware of these restrictions can create painful experiences with unwanted results and frustrating blocks in our lives. Throughout your reading you will receive healing and bypass the egos resistance to change. The Akashic Records uncover the reasons behind these by getting to the root cause. They will bring awareness to help you to understand and let go, freeing you of what was holding you back.

How could an Akashic Records reading help to transform your life? 

These readings are so different to anything else you have experienced because they get to the root cause of whatever pattern, block or limiting belief is causing you pain and suffering to show you the root cause of it and where it came from (past life, ancestors, childhood, genetics, karma, mindset, emotions etc)

By showing you where your patterns/blocks come from you can understand why you are the way you are, gaining so much clarity. The Records then offer solutions to over come theses issues. We really focus on the solutions in my Akashic Records readings. They offer pure magic directly from your energy field, solutions that are totally unique and personal to you and your evolution. 

By providing the wisdom, clarity and inner strength you need to make confident decisions. 

To discover your souls purpose, passion, gifts and how to use them.

By healing blocks and patterns that are running your life, stemming from a past life, childhood trauma or ancestral wound.

To discover who your Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Angels are. 

By introducing you to your Highest Self, your Guides and your loved ones; strengthening your bond.

By showing you that you don’t need to worry so much or sweat the small stuff, but instead to focus on love and your passions.

By connecting you to your past lives! This is one of the most special and exciting opportunities with this type of reading. To learn about who you were, where you have been and what you could learn from these lives, also what karma you may have brought forward and how to heal it. Without a reading you could go your whole life unconsciously repeating patterns that aren’t even from this life! 

To discover your future potentials, such as your career, love life, family, health, travel and more! We will look at what you can do now to achieve those dreams. 

To show if you are a Starseed and/or connected to ancient lands like Lemuria, Atlantis, ancient Egypt and more!

By showing you that life is full of so much wonder, magic and mystery and that you don’t need to know the answer to everything because there are energies working behind the scenes for you everyday!

To get answers you would never get from anywhere else!

And so, so much more! The possibilities are endless because you are limitless and have so much depth. Honestly, every reading is different and everyone has their own unique reason for wanting to connect with their Akashic Records. Whats yours? 

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Akashic Records Soul Expansion Program 

Rise up Goddess, are you ready to transform your life and take back your power?

Can I get a full-body YES?

If so this 5-6 month program is for you. Want to know what to expect?

I will be teaching you how to access and read your own Akashic Records to heal, balance, listen, learn and transform your consciousness… super exciting I know!

Each week we dive into a new topic through your Akashic Records, topics include Shadow Work, Past Lives, Inner Child, Inner Critic, Forgiveness, Relationships, Sex, Sister Wound, Body Image, Confidence, Intuition, Soul Gifts, Purpose, Money Blocks, Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity, Work and Business, and Future Potentials… that’s right, we are covering everything!

Because you know what… You really can have it all, you just need the trust, confidence and tools to take you there and that’s where this program steps in, think of me as your Fairy God Mother!

Are you feeling stuck in life? Feeling unsure, like you don’t know where to begin or how to get to where you dream of being? I get it, I was there too.

In a short period of time I have radically changed my whole life through working with the Akashic Records, my intuition and shifted from being depressed, burnt out, hating my job with shitty relationships, no money, no confidence and terrible health to working for myself earning unimaginable amounts of money (I had serious money blocks and a victim/lack mentality that I thought could never change) meeting my soul family, working with amazing people I call friends, living a luxurious, healthy and abundant life… on my own rules (I am my own boss!)

Are you ready for a serious up level? Are you ready to get out of your own way?  

*Disclaimer* There is no magic pill, yes, the Akashic Records are a safe and fast way to collapse timelines and live a much more aligned beautiful life but you have to show up and put in the work too.

I am not saying here that after this course you will be working for yourself never facing any issues ever again… No! I am saying that you will have the tools to face whatever life throws your way with a higher perspective, an expanded level of consciousness and confidence in making your own decisions and not following the crowds. 

There is no clicking your fingers and the job is done here, I am teaching you tools that will last you a lifetime and many more lifetimes to come!

After this course you can do your own shadow work, inner child healing, unblock anything, get answers and totally heal your life! You can work with your Akashic Records and maybe even other people’s Akashic Records too… the potential is MASSIVE!

No previous experience is required, you could be a spiritual and personal development junkie or a total virgin to this magical world, either way, this course is perfect for all levels and meets you exactly where you are to take your life to the next level, think quantum leaping!

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Between Sept 2021 and February 2022 we will meet 17 times with breaks in between inc 2 weeks off over Christmas. 

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This Program is for you if you have discovered the Akashic Records and you want to access your own, you arent messing around. You are ready for some serious upleveling and we are cutting the fluff! 

Ok I am in! Sign me up!! 

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Akashic Records Reviews

If you are interested in the Akashic Records, there’s no one better to speak to than Rebecca Lyons. I’ve been having my records read by her for 6 months, and the clarity that she has given me has been absolutely incredible! I have so much direction, and a profoundly deep understanding of my path forwards at all times. Going into the Akashic Records with Becky is the best decision you will ever make! I couldn’t possibly recommend her highly enough

– Danielle

I am a highly spiritual person and I have been looking for an Akashic Records reader for a while. I was referred to Becky by my friend who was blown away by her own experience with Becky, and, let me just say, I am very grateful to have finally found her! 
I focused my reading on getting to the bottom of the situation with my ex-fiancé, who has been an extremely destructive person in my life. Without knowing any details about me, my ex, or our situation, Becky was able to not only hone in on my most recent past life encounter with him, but she described a male that was literally identical to the male he is in this current lifetime, too— even the fact that he is personality disordered!! And, he had the same impact on my life in our past life encounter that he’s had in this current lifetime! What she was able to see was truly mind blowing!! Becky detailed numerous aspects of my ex-fiancé that she couldn’t have possibly known, and she was dead-on, 100% accurate! She even said things to me that are words that my ex has actually spoken to me! Just WOW!
Becky read me a bit as well, and confirmed things that I’ve also been told by other spiritual guides. My reading with her was a few weeks ago and my mind is still blown!! She is highly detailed in her reading and I could go on about all of the details that she knew and every single thing that she was accurate on, but this would be quite lengthy for me to do so. Suffice it to say, I am absolutely ecstatic with my experience with Becky and she is truly gifted!! 
I am recommending her to everyone I know! If you are interested in looking into your own Akashic Records, don’t hesitate to connect with her as I am certain that you will be highly satisfied with her gift!! 
Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us, Becky!! I wish I had found you years ago, and I know that this is the start of a long spiritual connection!
– Rachel

I have been working with Becky for almost 6 months, and I absolutely love our sessions together – they bring me such a sense of comfort and purpose. We have journeyed down so many avenues together, and I have learnt so much about myself. From personal relationships to past lives, from new business offers to channelled messages, I love the freedom that the Akashic records readings bring. I can honestly bring anything to the table! It usually only takes one question and Becky’s downloads start immediately, and I just let her flow and take lots of notes!! By the end of our sessions, I am always left in absolute awe that this guidance is about ME – sometimes the messages are what I could only WISH to hear, and yet I know the messages are for me because we’re in my records. Becky is so supportive and non-judgemental, I always feel like I can ask whatever I want and I get so much inspiration from the sessions. I see these sessions as a vital part of my spiritual awakening and growth, and also as an important part of my business – the records hold so much information about how I can embody my purpose and create a business that is in alignment. I feel that the value of working with Becky is growing exponentially – now we’ve been working together for 6 months there are so many threads and patterns that have been there since the start. Becky often remembers things that came up in previous readings and reminds me of previous messages. It feels like being granted an audience with your highest self, with your spirit guides, with an oracle – with God. You know the messages come direct from source and are completely aligned to your highest good. I love Becky as a friend and as a mentor and I can’t wait to keep working with her – she has become one of my spiritual confidantes and I am so so grateful for her gift.

– CiCi

My reading with Becky was so transformative for me, it was my first akashic records reading + I’ve already booked for another with Becky! During the reading, Becky saw a haze, it was as though I wasn’t stepping fully into my power. As soon as she said this I knew exactly what it was, so next year I’m stepping into my power fully learning to read tarot! I feel so at ease after the reading, I feel so supported by my guides + a deeper connection within myself, it’s beautiful! 

Thank you, Becky, for such a powerful session, I’m so excited for another one in the new year!

– Emily

I was absolutely blown away by my Akashic Records Reading with Becky! She was spot on about my current situation with being both an entrepreneur and working full time, and she worked with the Records & my guides to offer extremely helpful and practical advice for what I’m going through. She offered specific suggestions to implement in my business based on what was present in my Records, and the advice I received was priceless. I asked about past lives and was actually given information about a parallel lifetime that is taking place for me which completely blew my mind. This reading was really able to help me get to a higher level of understanding of both myself and my soul, provide actionable & realistic advice, and I left feeling SO excited about my business and the path that I’m on! I couldn’t recommend this reading more with Becky because she is an excellent guide and helped me understand my Akashic Records in a fun & approachable way!

– Emily

Becky is absolutely magical! I felt so lost on my spiritual journey and I have such imposter syndrome and self doubt. I kept thinking who am I, surely I can’t be this magical being. But through her Akashic records readings Becky has shown me that I am a magical being and I do have it in me to help others. She has been such a wonderful guide and friend! She’s helped me realize I can be strong and confident in my skills.

– Monica

Just had the most beautiful Akashic Records reading with the very gifted and talented beautiful soul @rebecca.annmarie

It felt incredible to discover my past self and how Her life mirrors my current one. I cannot recommend her enough, so if you have questions in regards to the records of your past, current or future life, look into booking a session with Rebecca. 

– Monika

Where do I even begin? Becky is absolutely amazing and her Akashic records readings have helped me in regaining my confidence, reclaiming my lifes mission and connecting with my highest self. After one reading with Becky I genuinely felt happier and everyone around me could tell that my entire aura had been so elevated. I am so thankful to have Becky in my life and I am going to continue going on this journey with her because if she could help me achieve all of these feelings in one session I know it will be unbelievable to go on a 6 month journey with her! If you are thinking at all about doing a reading with Becky then you should 100% do it! It will change your life for the better!

– Sara

My Akashic Record reading with Becky was so powerful! Her compassion and wisdom helped me gain confidence in my spiritual gifts, by confirming to me I am on the right path. She also helped me understand a deeply tied connection to one of my spirit guides. All of the messages she relayed were easy to integrate. It seemed as though the answers to the questions I had, flowed so effortlessly to me during our reading. As if I had witnessed it all before and Becky was just helping me to remember what it was my soul had once lost. I’m so grateful, and can’t wait for my next reading.

– Gina