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Hello and welcome!

Hi! My name is Rebecca Lyons and I am an international Akashic Records & Tarot Reader and Teacher! Being a self-made entrepreneur who has read for thousands of people I decided to teach those who want to read for themselves and others so that they can experience the magic for themselves! It would be rude for me not to share this skill, right? 

This type of psychic & intuitive work is POWERFUL. It has radically transformed my life in a very short amount of time, and it can do the same for you.

Let me set the scene for you; the old version of Rebecca Lyons before connecting with her intuitive and psychic gifts looked very different, maybe you can relate to her?

  • Lonely and broke, hated her job, living paycheck to paycheck and in lots of debt.
  • Very low self-worth and low self-confidence suffering from high functioning anxiety, social anxiety and depression. Feeling very misunderstood.
  • Lack of direction in her life, feeling ashamed of what she had achieved, constantly comparing herself to others (a vicious cycle).
  • Toxic relationship with food, alcohol, men and friends (sisterhood wound).
  • Very limited outlook on life believing she had missed her chance for success and the abundant luxurious life she had always dreamed of, constantly feeling like a failure.
  • All-or-nothing mindset, overthinking everything, always second-guessing decisions.
  • Incredibly influenced by others and overly concerned with what other people thought rather than living by her own rules, no boundaries!


So that really is the short version, head over to my Instagram where I share a lot of my story to get the full picture!

Ok, so who am I today? Here is the quantum version:

  • I am a Leader. I work for myself, I am my own boss, I am a Mental Projector and I honestly work less than I have ever worked before making more money with way less effort and I LOVE what I do!
  • I am Unafraid. I take risks, I show up on social media, I speak in public, I say no and I take time off when I want to rest.
  • I am Unapologetic. I have so much compassion and awareness of who I am, I love my life, I am present and I do what I want when I want. My standards are high.
  • I am Successful. I only channel and use my psychic abilities with my Akashic Records open, this is the safest most intentional and transformative way to channel and grow. I do not take risks when it comes to working with energy and neither should you.
  • I am Happy. I have a beautiful long-term relationship. I live in a Harry Potter-style cottage in the forest with my pets. I wake up every morning excited for the newness of the day because I am always changing so nothing gets boring!

Click here to book a FREE discovery call with me!

The Akashic Records & Tarot

Like the great saying “Magic is all around, you just have to believe”, Tarot readings are a unique form of divination that use an ancient deck of cards to help you find answers to your most transformational questions. For something much deeper and my speciality we can enter your Akashic Records. The energy and essence of everything that has ever happened to your soul is found in your Akashic Records. This allows you to receive answers to all of your questions, including “what is my souls purpose in this life?” connecting you to a source of unconditional love to heal hidden blocks & patterns. Truly a magnificent experience unlike any other. Apply to work with me long term here!

Akashic Records Soul Expansion Program

This life changing Akashic Records Course is like no other spiritual or personal development program on the market. Why? We are going where others don’t dare, we start with your shadow, past lives, inner child and relationships then journey through to nurture your sister wound, intuition, confidence and body image. We will cut ties, heal and clean out the subconscious limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck so you are able to truly manifest abundance, money, better health, true love and enhance your soul gifts and purpose to share with the world.

After this program you will never be the same, in the best way possible! So, the question is, are you ready? Click the below link to be one of the first to join and receive an epic discount of over $500 off, plus a FREE Akashic Records reading with me! Payment plans are offered to be one of the first to join and receive abundance. We start in September 2021! Visit the Akashic Records page to view full details, limited spaces available and filling up fast. Click here to join my FREE Akashic Records Masterclass! 

Myself and Danielle Massi bring you a very British & American perspective full of fun, raw & honest conversations each week to lighten the load of a worldwide pandemic so you can focus on your journey to soul. On each episode we interview spiritual thought leaders from around the globe, with the hopes that you find some magic in their words to inspire you whilst also throwing in some fun solo episodes to talk about their own spiritual journeys; including the highs, the lows, the trends, the icky stuff, the fear and so much more!

This podcast aims to inspire you, make you laugh, open your perspective, educate you, nourish you and maybe even shock you! I mean… we just survived 2020… does anything shock you anymore?

Check us out on Spotify, Anchor and Itunes! 

Listen here… 


“Rebecca is absolutely magical! I felt so lost on my spiritual journey and I have such imposter syndrome and self doubt. I kept thinking who am I, surely I can’t be this magical being. But through her readings Rebecca has shown me that I am.”

“After one reading with Rebecca I genuinely felt happier and everyone around me could tell that my entire aura had been so elevated. If you are thinking at all about doing a reading with Rebecca then you should 100% do it! It will change your life for the better!” -Sara

“If you are interested in the Akashic Records, there’s no one better to speak to than Rebecca Lyons. It is the best decision you will ever make! I couldn’t possibly recommend her highly enough.”
-Danielle Massi
“Joining the High Vibe Tribe was one of the best decisions I made. Rebecca is so passionate about the group and the content she provides is more than I expected. The guest speakers are so interesting. The card readings are my personal favourite as Rebecca is such an intuitive person that the messages are always so spot on.”
-Rebecca Hannah
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